Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paving news, good and bad

The war-zone-like stretch of Sunset Boulevard asphalt between Highland and La Brea was finally paved last month. Stretches on either side of this mystery strip had been resurfaced for miles in either direction just a few years ago, but this quarter-mile limbo segment was somehow forgotten in the process.

I wrote both Council member Eric Garcetti and Council member Tom LaBonge about this needy stretch in front of Hollywood High two years back, since the Council district map was unclear as to which pol was in charge of this borderline street.

To their credit, I got personal phone calls from both of them. I distinctly remember Tom LaBonge telling me, "We'll get it done." And they did. Two years later. I suppose I should be grateful. Neither Rome nor Los Angeles was built—or repaired—in a day.

Now the bad news. Today's L.A. Times reports that "drastic new budget cuts" will most likely include slashing funds for street resurfacing when approved. The front-end alignment shops are rejoicing.


  1. Wow - so if i write to Tom LaBonge about Wilshire from the Miracle Mile east to K-town, something might happen? I've lived off wilshire for 7 years, and it's been in desperate need of repaving since the day i moved in...

    have you ever taken those extra long buses along wilshire? they rattle and shake & when they hit those huge potholes, just be careful to not bite your tongue off... downright painful!