Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crime of the Week

Just when I was looking for a Crime of the Week (I don't usually have to look far, but it's been a busy week already, people), one fell right into my lap.

As reported by Curbed L.A., the Los Angeles City Council not only approved, but positively kvelled about, this knife fight in steel and glass by Daniel Liebeskind, penciled in for the L.A. Convention Center area.

A knife fight in steel and glass.

Buildings by Liebeskind
who for whatever reason feels obliged to act out his long-simmering resentment and paranoia by inflicting them on others in the form of architecturehave so far been conspicuously absent from the Los Angeles skyline. Isn't there enough violence in L.A. without building it into our skyscrapers?

This is one of those rare instances in which a crime can be prevented before it happens, and the City Council, acting in gaga star-struck mode over the obviously anguished Mr. Love-Child, has let us down.

Might I recommend an extended course of Paxil for Mr. Liebeskind and an architectural refresher course for the City Council?


  1. Hey, just found your blog. Keep up the great work!

  2. I like this building. But then, I think that may be because it appeals to my evil-Capitalist, supervillian side. I'm sure the penthouse office suite will be lovely: black marble floors, multiple fireplaces, and a single, large mahogany desk surrounded by a bank of tv's. Maybe a helipad and a cold-storage room for sentient supercomputers and undead-making bio-weapons.

    I love the concept of a "knife fight in steel and glass" though I disagree that it's a bad thing...

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