Monday, October 5, 2009

Stately in Country Club Park

On the market since January for an asking price of $7.5 million, the stately Rosenheim mansion (1908-1910) in Country Club Park is Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument No. 660 (declared in 1999).

1120 Westchester Place.

St. Louis native Alfred F. Rosenheim (1859-1943) was the architect of the Hellman Building (now the Hellman Lofts), the Majestic Theater on Broadway, the Second Church of Christ Scientist in West Adams and several other important Los Angeles buildings at the turn of the last century. This 6-bedroom 15,000-square-foot mansion—his own home—was among his most important designs for private houses.

Interiors (from the MLS).

The house has a large ballroom in an adjacent structure immediately to the southeast, which is currently being used as a recording studio, evidently by Planet Earth Records, whose garish, horsy website can be visited here (ibuprofen recommended). The agent suggests that the former ballroom might also be converted into a pro basketball court. Are you listening, Kobe?



  1. The house is actually $17,000,000.00

    The house construction actually began in 1902, and was completed in 1907, at a cost of more than $375,000.00 (1902 dollars)....

    Its @ 15,000 sq. ft., and it sits on a 3/4 acre lot..

    Many sites have the info listed incorrectly... :(

  2. This home is listed here:

  3. This house is actually haunted.