Sunday, November 1, 2009

Neo-classical gas

This 3-bedroom Carthay Circle bungalow, built in 1923, is for sale according to the sign out front, although the listing does not appear on the MLS. (Bank-owned?) It last sold in 1998 for $370,000, but you can expect to pay significantly more than that now.

815 Schumacher Drive, Carthay Circle.
A lovely rose garden.

The façade is a bit non-descript but leans longingly in the direction of the neo-classical; the hipped roof is a nice touch (but lose those wood shakes) and the pedimented stoop is possibly a remodel—à la Paul Williams—from several decades ago. Those prison bars definitely have to go.

I did a couple of quick Photoshop sketches, pushing the detailing into positive neo-classical territory. Perhaps I've been reading too much Quinlan Terry.
A boulder fell into the yard during the renovation process, so I decided to keep it.

Very West Hollywood.

The (very long) sides of the house, with their irregular fenestration, would be a challenge to translate into a classical idiom.

If you're interested, here's who to call:


  1. Rendering #1 is OK, but #2 is pretty bad. The first rendering would look alot better with no ornamentation above the windows. The windows look nice accented with the shutters, and don't need anything more.

    The curved ornamentation is out of scale and too much- it distracts from the nice entry porch and the curved shapes do not go with anything else on the building.

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