Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charlie wuz here?

If I had a dollar for every L.A. structure claiming a connection to Charlie Chaplin, I'd be able to buy at least one of them.

6427 Dix Street, Hollywood.

This new listing for a cozy 1918 bungalow in the Hollywood Dell doesn't exactly boast that the Little Tramp set clumsily-shod foot inside, but Chplin is featured in the photos posted on the Coldwell Banker site, with prominent mention that the place was "commissioned by Cecil B. DeMille in the late teens to accommodate silent film stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Clara Bow and Dorothy Gish!" (The 1923 apartment building where I live, just a bowler hat toss away, was also supposedly commissioned by DeMille.)

My idea of a kitchen.
Did Charlot bunk here?

The $499k asking price seems to be riding high on the nostalgia factor, but in all fairness it's a sweet place and has been very attractively decorated on the interior, with quality fixtures and attention to detail. I'm still waffling on the Barbados green exterior, but I'm entirely sold on the adorable awnings.



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