Thursday, January 21, 2010

Los Angeles newsies

I ran across these photos by Lewis Hine of L.A. newsies, circa 1915, in the Library of Congress research archive. The images have been very slightly touched up and their contrast enhanced. The captions are based on the original titles. Click on each for a larger view.

Nine-year-old newsie and his seven-year-old brother "Red." Tough specimen of an L.A. newsboy.

May 1915.

May 1915.

Nine-year-old newsie, the "boss fighter of Fifth Street."

A "drunk" buys the stock of a six-year-old newsie.

Six-year-old short-change expert.


  1. These are awesome!

    Though I'm disappointed none of the photos show them singing a musical number.

  2. these are wonderful. i stumbled upon them a year ago online somewhere and posted them on my photoblog, pleasantly surprised to learn lewis hine had shot here in LA. The last image is one of my favorite portraits ever. Btw i really dig this blog..always informative and interesting.