Monday, August 2, 2010

Then and Now on Bunker Hill


Thanks to Curbed L.A. for turning me on to an important video recently reposted by L.A. Observed, but which unfortunately has been deleted by Vimeo after copyright infringement complaints from the original production company, Milestone Film & Video.

The 1956 USC student film, Bunker Hill, 1956, by Kent MacKenzie, about the impending eviction of pensioners from Bunker Hill before the CRA's infamous decimation of that historic neighborhood, is a poignant piece of Los Angeles history, told from a firsthand point-of-view. Pity that the copyright holder is being so picayune.

I did manage to screen-capture a few stills from the 17-minute movie:

Bunker Hill then.

The new inhumanity:

Bunker Hill now.

If anyone finds this film surfacing again in cyberspace, let me know.


  1. here is the USC video "Bunker Hill 1956". It's not the largest size, and it's hosted in Russia, but better than nothing...

  2. I once lived in LA, where can I find this film on Bunker Hill? and is it on dvd?

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