Friday, February 4, 2011

Crime of the Week

Behold what three-quarters of a million dollars will get you off Laurel Canyon.

2222 Ridgemont Drive.

I should say "off upper Laurel Canyon," lest we forget in which tony neighborhood we are trespassing in search of the exquisitely hideous.

Exuding all the warmth and charm of a Tulsa trailer park, this battleship-gray beauty is listed at $749,000.

Happy weekend.


  1. what kind of views do you get off the back? one can only hope that there is some redeeming quality to this "home."

  2. The views are spectacular.

  3. Oh that railing is so sad. But I can see how you'd be paying that much for a view. There are even uglier homes that cost more in Hancock Park and they don't even have that "view" excuse.

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  7. that is a dam ugly place. is this the true price of the property or is it just the land price. How much would it rent for?

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