Sunday, April 17, 2011

FOR SALE: Garage with house attached.

The overly prominent garage, placed in front of and more or less obscuring the house, is not a strictly Southern California phenomenon, but the art does seem to reach its zenith here in the land of the automobile.

In the case immediately below, we might actually be thankful that the three-car garage hides from view the banal façade of this cliché-laden "builder Mediterranean" with its off-the-shelf windows, grotesquely proportioned detailing, and
exaggeratedly tall entryway.

A few more examples from recent listings.

As much as I love driving and cars (I currently own two of them), the garage is a service area of a house and belongs in the rear , off to the side, or in some other position subordinate to the house.


  1. OMG This soooo looks like my house. Funny!

  2. So funny. I had a project that required foam, so we wen to a company located in Pomona that worked with different weights of foam. The bread and butter of their company was creating those overwrought details and columns that they later spray with stucco. Wa-la! instant Mediterranean. Uggggly

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