Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flying saucers over Hollywood!

YouTube video by GrimlyForming PW. Music: "We've Come To Take The Earth Away" by The Driving Stupid (1966)

I'm sure this wasn't the first time aliens invaded Hollywood to wreak havoc on humanity and architecture, and it won't be the last. But it may well be the cheesiest.

The KFWB radio antennae on the Warner Cinerama (later the Pacific Hollywood Theatre)
never looked more useful: Maybe these avant-garde creatures, hell-bent on leveling all that is human, can be contacted, reasoned with, and talked out of destroying Los Angeles?

Not a chance.

The preservationists following them drive right by my street on the then brand new Hollywood Freeway at 0:47. Castle Argyle is in the background.
How many other Hollywood locations—long gone or still standing—can you find?
Happy Halloween.


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