Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Cleaning," redefined

Our neighborhood association recently requested that the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services (rather brashly known as BOSS) clean the hillside of Vine Street north of Franklin Avenue in Hollywood.

There is no regularly scheduled mechanical street cleaning on this block, which leads to its being used as a dumping ground, attracting vermin and creating a health and safety issue. The rampant growth of weeds both in the fenceline and in the sidewalk is also a concern.


Here are some "before" pictures:

After some prompting from the office of councilman Tom LaBonge, BOSS did show up to to "spot cleaning" and "motor sweep" on Thursday, August 30.

To their credit, BOSS did clean up the seed-pod debris from the tree in the photo above, but they hardly put a dent in the trash.


Here are just a few of the "after" pictures:

 For the complete story, visit this web page.


  1. do...I'd like to watch some "after" pictures, if it possible. just want to know was it cleared finally...or not, as laways ((

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  5. So much litter. It must be done something with it.

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  12. Ooh, I see your streets are terrible. There are so many trash and it is really sad. I think you should come together woth your neighbors and clean around yout homes. it will much improve situation. Because there are play your children and walk your pets. think about it! Thanks!

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  14. There is no regularly scheduled mechanical street cleaning on this block, which leads to its being used as a dumping ground, attracting vermin and creating a health and safety issue. The rampant growth of weeds both in the fenceline and in the sidewalk is also a power washer

  15. So much dirt ;(
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