Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sic transit

I ran across this old street footage of eastbound Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills on YouTube recently, complete with (original or fake?) puttering soundtrack.

I wish the film had continued down the Miracle Mile and into Mid-Wilshire, Westlake, and downtown Los Angeles. (I'll have to concoct the missing footage in my dreams—no problem for a dedicated sleeper like me!)

Note the intersection of Wilshire and Robertson (at approximately 1:46 to 1:52), where this lovely corner building, its shutters deployed against the midday sun, gracefully enhances the gently curving streetscape:

Not remembering having ever seen this building on Wilshire, I did a search of Google Earth and found that the lovely Spanish-style structure was replaced at some point by this piece of vapid, featureless junk:

Sick transit, indeed.


  1. My guess is that's the same building, horrifyingly remodeled. The door is the same size, and in the same position - which would be unlikely in a replacement building.

  2. You may be correct. That would be even more horrifying.

  3. Hard to tell if the sound is fake or not. What throws me off (and makes me believe it's authentic) is the driver disengaging the clutch coming up to the intersections in anticipation of either braking or up/down-shifting.

    1. ...I should say, "coming up to the crosswalks."